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Choose the Day and Time you want to move.  Tell us the number of movers you really need.   That sets the cost in stone. We'll send you an Invoice for the exact price we both agreed upon.  And on your moving date, that price is still the same unless you want to add more time for an additional hourly rate. 

Announce coming moves

Book your move as early as possible. We get pretty busy and many of our customers are repeats or have family members, friends and business associates.  The sooner we know when you're need us, then we can lock in your date. 

Special Needs

Talk to Miss Jenny.  We bring all our own equipment.  And we love to shrink wrap, to make sure when we load your truck, your furniture won't get scratched.  Yes, we include furniture pads but a little extra never hurts.  We don't charge you for our equipment like the competition does? 

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Rab M, Order #716092 on 07/19/2019
Customer Review:
Incredible team. Carlton Lewis and his dad are a true dynamic duo. They loaded the truck with my equipment and furniture like 3d puzzle masters. I couldn’t believe how tightly they got it all packed and how stable it was. Nothing shifted during the seven hour drive through mountain roads. They wrapped everything and protected my gear like it was theirs. I would hire them again in a second.
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Thank you!

Michael D, Order #721141 on 07/19/2019
Customer Review:
They called to say they could come early which I needed. They worked really hard on a very hot day. Courteous and respectful. Great job!

Shannon L, Order #720172 on 07/13/2019
Customer Review:
The guys that came were awesome. They did a great job and were very courteous. However, I had to call them to get them to come. One guy stated they did not get the paperwork from the owner.

Colleen C, Order #669208 on 05/26/2019
Customer Review:
The movers showed up on time (early, actually). We communicated a few times before the day to make sure that I provided them with the best information and we coordinated things perfectly. It was very hot, but they were hard workers. Nothing was damaged and they were great about taking the bad apart and putting it back together. I would definitely use them again.

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